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Which phone should I buy?

Wondering which phone to get?

Do you really believe in reading reviews and comparisons between phones with each mobile device release or each OS update? Because frankly speaking, I don’t.

Hardware and software specs do matter for sure, and it’s common across all reviews and articles because these are Facts, but Loyalty exists big time in this area and especially amongst: Samsung, Apple and Microsoft users.

No matter how many iPhone 6+ bended and how many bugs where there in the first release of ios 8.1, if you are an iPhone user you will remain an iPhone user and just upgrade.

No matter how many critiques or bad reviews were there; the same goes for Samsung or Microsoft.

However, this probability (blind loyalty) becomes lesser with other devices like LG, HTC and Sony where you will prefer using the same platform “Android” but change the vendor to Samsung maybe or Motorola …

I receive this question a lot from my colleagues and relatives as I come from an IT background, and I never had the same answer:

  • I told my wife to get a Samsung because she likes to sketch and draw and it would help her a lot, she was an apple user and she switched (rare case).
  • I got an iPhone 6+ because I like the product finishing and design.
  • I work with windows phones on a day to day basis, as we developed a sales force application on Microsoft platform 2 years back and we are not thinking of changing the platform.

There is a combination of factors that lead to a new phone choice, these factors are the category you belong to and the actual purpose.


  • Business users. “Are you still on blackberry?”
  • Dummy users. “Don’t be offended you just don’t care as long as the device is good!”
  • Gadgets collectors. “I won’t get rid of the old device, I like to see it on the shelf”
  • Show Off users. “Wouldn’t be sexy to have a customized Vertu or Porsche Design phone” (even though it’s a blackberry)


Answering these questions will guide you to the category you belong to:

  • Do you really need to change your phone?
  • Is your current phone in a critical condition?
  • What is the added value (for you) by getting the new mobile phone?
  • How many phones do you have? Do you use all of them?
  • Do you really care if it’s custom made or shiny?
  • Do you like it nude, or would you go for extra covers and screen guards?
  • What would you do with the current device?
  • Does it say “hello”?

On a personal level, I belong to the gadget collectors, and yes I have a broken Nokia 1520 device, a broken IPhone 5s, a switched off galaxy S4, a blackberry Bold2 and a blackberry curve (who cares), and I am not using them, and no I won’t’ get rid of them, They look nice on my desk

Today I carry an iPhone6+, Lumia 830 and a Samsung Note 3.

I have used all kind of devices, and by using I don’t mean testing, I mean day to day usage.

Android (Samsung to be specific) works great for work and professional purposes, the note to take notes and sketch on the go, the email readability and ease of use.

Ios and iphone is just amazing, I wish they maintain the same battery life after using them for 6 months.

Windows is just Microsoft at the end of the day and we all know Microsoft’s efficiency. “I am a Microsoft Fan” and I have used the 1520 recently on vacation, and I was very impressed in Here Maps and Here Drive+, I downloaded the maps and I was able to use the navigation and GPS offline everywhere; up until the screen got smashed.

The blackberry…Really do you still consider it in your options?



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