Thank you, Social Networks


While governments are striving to reduce unemployment around the world, we need to take a step back and have a look at the job creation network that social media is creating, which is in fact developing and increasing job opportunities around the world.

The amount of new agencies and work segments have increased dramatically! Look around you. Every step of the way you can have a social media manager by your side, so now not only do we have to pay for someone to manage our outdoor and print ads, but also pay for our social media ads.

And it doesn’t stop here. There are sub-segments, specific segments, targeted segments, all ready to serve you, each with their “killer strategy”.

Not to forget the new design segments that are specifically focused to create the right design for the online social media adverts, for each of the social networks. Take it from me trying to design your own social media page can be messy. Fee upon fee, network upon network, it’s an endless saga of social media ad wars. There is no stopping this social network snowball.

Here I will start a new paragraph, I would like to go to back to point zero the “big bang” of our current social media frenzy world, Facebook. Of course everyone knows the story so, I would just like to highlight the fact that it was made for you, the user, no third or second party interventions, it was created to be simple, easy and fun. It connects you C to C.

The hook was great! Then the outbound circles started to evolve, layer after layer of options and services that created a web of businesses.

This is what we can call a very smart business. Create a social media network give it to the mass for free then make them pay (one way of another) by creating another interlinked service reliant on the prior. Damn that’s a killer.

Salut to Social Media Networks! You are geniuses!

Hello governments! Any lessons learned?


Noura , EIN (expert in nothing)




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