The Disciplined Cycle

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In our first post, I will be talking about “The Disciplined Cycle”, a cycle I have followed closely while working on the implementation of our own Sales Force Application in the FMCG industry. The project lasted for a year starting and began from gathering the requirements, planning, developing and executing, till the closing and Go Live.

Looking back after almost Two years since the delivery of the project, when I first joined the Sales Force Automation Department, I knew my Duties as in my job description: “coming from a technical background I was doing what I know”. Then, I started Learning through practice, through the team meetings with my manager, teammates and colleagues in the sales department, getting to know the business prospects and requirements of the project, getting to know the vision of the company as a sales and distribution giant and how better we can serve them. I got enrolled in project management programs such as ITIL and TOGAF to better understand linking between IT and Business operations. I got to know how enterprises these days are very reliant on their Applications, saying so: “IT is taking a bigger seat at the business table”. With that I was earning the right Experience, knowing how to get things done from theory to practicality, expanding knowledge boundaries in my field of expertise. Then Ideas started floating and popping up in line with the company vision and what is required from us as a core functional department, risk management, problem solving and challenges were part of our role profile while we were Applying and making things happen. This project required leaders for decision making with a multiple number of suppliers, stakeholders and project sponsors, we had to step up to take that role and innovate. At last we became the process owners and accountable for everything related to that project, our role developed to be at the core of the company’s operations and services… and that was just the beginning.

Keep checking us out as we will be talking about the Technical details of that project later on.


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